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About Tyler

Hello, I am Tyler Jung, and I am from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin!  I grew up in Yorktown, Virginia, but Wisconsin is where I consider home.

I grew up playing soccer and a large variety video games, but once I was told to audition for the spring musical in sixth grade, I found another hobby I could enjoy while spending a lot of time with friends!  I continued to do the musicals through high school, which then moved me to audition for the BFA Musical Theatre program at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 2019! 

(Interesting Fact: I did not audition for the program

until two weeks after the schoolyear started.  I got

lucky to say the least...)

While in school I, very slowly, but surely, began to

really understand what I was going to school for, and it has been an exciting journey of growth and discovery!  For our Spring 2021 production of The Melody Lingers On (an Irving Berlin revue) I had the opportunity to student-choreograph a couple numbers, which ended up spiraling into a deep desire to learn more about this other side of theatre.  I then was graciously given opportunities to practice those skills over the next four semesters by choreographing other mainstage productions.

Video games are still a huge part of my life!  I deeply love Red Dead Redemption 2, and I have soft spot for FIFA 22, but I have caught onto other hobbies as well.  I enjoy learning about longevity and body connectivity.  Strength training and maximizing the body's potential really interest me, though I am not as committed to the practices as the lifestyle demands... 

I have recently discovered that I have a hidden love for painting!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I find

painting such a calming rush, and I think that is why I love it.  

I am now with the National Tour of Mean Girls!  Grateful for this opportunity and experience, and hope to see you at a show!!!  

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